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Huge ostrich chases cyclists in race in South Africa

Cyclists typically have to share the road with cars and joggers, but an ostrich?

In South Africa during a race, a huge ostrich appeared out of nowhere and began chasing down a biker. The cyclist estimates that the riders in front of him were going 35 mph - and the ostrich was keeping up the pace.

In the words of Oleksiy Mischenko

"We were on our training ride, around Cape Town, South Africa. The route was following the Cape Argus racing course with a detour to Cape of Good Hope (I love the name!) The road through the national park is quite and a little deserted. Suddenly I heard a noise on my left and saw a big ostrich in the bush, most likely a female. In a second her friend jumped from the left a started chasing my friends! I was following behind almost falling of my bike from laughter. The creature had no problem to keep up at 50km/h! Luckily I left us alone because we were about to run out of the road, at it is a dead end at the Cape of Good Hope."

- cyclist Oleksiy Mishchenko as shared by The New York Daily News