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Magazine alters image of Bruce Jenner for cover

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Bruce Jenner continues to be plagued by rumors that he’s a transgender woman struggling with the decision to fully transition and come out to the world, according to Inform.

However, InTouch Weekly magazine couldn’t wait for the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star and Olympic great to tell his story – the tabloid decided to do it for him.

According to BuzzFeed, the latest cover of InTouch Weekly features Jenner with plucked eyebrows, a full face of makeup and seemingly wearing a dress. The Inquisitr previously reported that the InTouch cover was created with Photoshop, and BuzzFeed discovered that the tabloid created the cover by superimposing a photo of Jenner over a photo of 67-year-old “Dynasty” star Stephanie Beacham.

Jenner and Beacham are wearing the same scarf and jacket in the photos, Inform reported, and it looks like InTouch used Beacham’s eyebrows and lips as a model when Photoshopping Jenner’s face.