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Creepy? Man builds Scarlett Johansson look-a-like robot

Scarlett Johansson in "Hail, Caesar!"
Scarlett Johansson in "Hail, Caesar!" TNS

A man has built a realistic robot that distinctly resembles actress Scarlett Johansson.

Product and graphic designer Ricky Ma spent over $50,000 dollars to build his first prototype, and took about a year and a half to do so. The robot was make through 3D printing and responds to voice commands.

Although Ma did not reveal if the robot was modeled after anyone it particular, he has said that he has always had a love for robots.

"I figured I should just do it when the timing is right and realise my dream," Ma told Reuters. "If I realize my dream, I will have no regrets in life." Ma hopes to sell his prototype to an investor and use the funds to build more and better robots.