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Fox’s new ‘American Grit’ features Elk Grove contestant

Maria Kang of Elk Grove.
Maria Kang of Elk Grove. video image

FOX’s newest reality television competition follows 16 tough men and women through military-grade and survival-themed challenges in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

One of the contestants is Maria Kang of Elk Grove, author of “The No More Excuses Diet.”

Here’s her interview this week on Fox40 where Kang explains the show, which premieres on April 14.

Facebook backlash over no excuse

Kang ignited a firestorm in 2013 with her “What’s your excuse?” Facebook photo showing off her fitness.

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The hosts, or coaches, of “American Grit” will be WWE star John Cena, former Navy Seal Rorke Denver, former U.S. soldier Noah Galloway, ex-Marine Tawanda Hanible, and former Army Special Operations sniper Nicholas Irving.

Here’s Galloway talking about the show and the preparation of the competitors.