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Watch: Super Bowl 2015 commercials sure to generate buzz

Charlotte McKinney in the Carl Jr.’s ad.
Charlotte McKinney in the Carl Jr.’s ad.

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▪ After years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to Mindy Kaling she might actually be - or so Nationwide Insurance thinks.

▪ Dove’s 2015 Super Bowl ad answers the question, “What makes a man stronger?”

▪ Victoria’s Secret Angels put on some pads – yes, they cover up – and get tough in their new Super Bowl XLIX commercial.

Purina Friskies brings viewers the next installment: “Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game.”

▪ Skittles will air its first Super Bowl ad in 2015.

▪ Bud Light teases its ad featuring a life-size Pac-Man maze.

▪ Lexus’ ad, “Make Some Noise,” introduces the first Lexus NX.

▪ Carl’s Jr. goes all-natural with its burger in this ad featuring Charlotte McKinney. CAUTION: Content may be offensive to some viewers.

▪ During Super Bowl XLIX, tune in for a special episode of “The Brady Bunch,” starring Danny Trejo. Danny Trejo?

▪ Budweiser needs your help to find its lost dog.

▪ Find out if Craig Robinson will make it to the Pepsi Halftime Show with this preview.