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Dick Van Dyke busts out ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ at Denny’s

Dick Van Dyke sings at Denny’s.
Dick Van Dyke sings at Denny’s. video image

When customers went to have breakfast at Denny’s, they didn’t expect to get a side order of Dick Van Dyke singing with their meal.

The 90-year-old entertainment legend broke out into singing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” as he ate his breakfast last Friday with members of his quartet, The Vantastix, who has a new album out, “Put On A Happy Face.” Van Dyke, who starred as Caractacus Potts in the 1968 movie, stopped by Denny’s after appearing on Good Day LA to promote an upcoming concert with the group.

And speaking of famous people performing in public, here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the drums. He was promoting his new HitRecord project seeking musicians to play with him.