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Time on your hands? Google Maps brings ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ back for April Fools run

Google is known for adding date-appropriate surprises to its search interfaces, and April Fools Day is no exception.

Marking this year’s jokester-friendly April 1, Google has set things so Google Maps can go all 1980s with “Ms. Pac-Man.”

When you go to Google Maps, in the lower-left corner, next to the Earth icon, is another icon with the image of a “Ms. Pac-Man” character – is that Blinky? – in hot pursuit of the titular character. It says “insert coin.”

This is how the Google Maps interface looks before you start playing. Google Maps

When you click on the icon, the game opens superimposed over the streets of your city. A recent playing had our chomping heroine and the ghosts who chase her bumping around Land Park, but it’ll set up over whatever part of the city you have up on your screen.

Your keyboard’s directional arrows stand in for a joystick, and it’s game on.

And bosses? Consider this notice of productivity impairment, at least until the game goes away.

Once you choose what streets you want to play on, the game overlays them, and off you go. Google Maps