Massive, 1-ton jack-o’-lantern at Elk Grove festival sets Guinness world record

Huge, detailed and a little bit creepy, the runner-up at this year’s Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival weigh-off became a Guinness World Record-setting jack-o’-lantern.

Held Oct. 6-7 in Elk Grove, the 24th annual festival pitted giant pumpkins and pumpkin carvers against each other, with cash prizes and prestigious pumpkin honors up for grabs.

The Cosumnes Community Services District, which commissioned three “world-renowned” carvers from three states and obtained a Wisconsin-grown gourd for the effort, announced on Halloween that its pumpkin had set the world record for heaviest jack-o-lantern.

At a scary 2,077 pounds, the “gigant-o’-lantern” was carved by Michael Brown of Missouri, Brandy Davis of Idaho and Deane Arnold of Ohio over a 24-hour span, according to a news release by the CSD.

Grower Josiah Brandt drove 32 hours to the event from Wisconsin earlier this month to transport his immense pumpkin, which managed only second place in the weigh-off contest, good for a $2,500 cash prize, according to the release.

Per the rules, the massive pumpkin had an eyes, nose, mouth and an internal candle. The scowling, winking face was carved in the likeness of Arnold, according to the release.

Inside and around the main lantern, six mini-jack-o’-lanterns enhance the display, as photos and video show.

Guinness World Records’ website confirms that the 2,077-pound (or 942.11-kilogram, for the rest of the world) illuminable gourd set the record at the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival on Oct. 6.

“We found three pumpkin carvers who love pumpkins as much as we do, and they worked non-stop to create this 2,077-pound work of art,” CSD event organizer Brita Geiger said in a statement.

Though Brandt’s pumpkin is hard to comprehend even with photo evidence, it’s more than 500 pounds lighter than the heaviest pumpkin ever grown. That honor belongs to a 2,625-pound behemoth grown in Germany in 2016.