Crafting special holiday tree ornaments festive creations

Here’s an example of how a finished snow globe-esque ornament might look, with a tiny tree, artificial snow and hand-drawn snowflakes.
Here’s an example of how a finished snow globe-esque ornament might look, with a tiny tree, artificial snow and hand-drawn snowflakes.

For easy, eye-catching holiday tree ornaments, you’ll only need a little time and a few materials. This is a great low-budget project that also serves as a great decoration, gift or party favor.

Here are two variations on a simple, fun holiday ornament craft. The following directions serve as a guide. Feel free to think outside the box, and make this as creative or as simple as you choose.

Disclaimer: These projects can be messy if you’re not careful, so it’s recommended to lay out some old newspaper or work on a surface that can be easily cleaned.

For a snow globe-esque ornament, try this:

What you’ll need

▪ Glass bulb ornaments

▪ White or silver ultrafine glitter

▪ Styrofoam or plastic microbeads (found at craft stores such as Michaels)

▪ Small crafting bottlebrush holiday trees (found in holiday decorations section)

▪ Super glue or strong craftsman’s glue

▪ Silver Sharpie glass marker or paint pen

How it’s done

1. Open the ornament top: This step is a no-brainer. Carefully remove the metal hooked top from the glass ornament. Often these are made of soft metal, so be cautious not to bend the cap or you may have difficulty fitting it back on the glass globe later.

2. Prepare miniature tree: First, make sure the ornament’s top opening is wide enough to fit one miniature bottlebrush tree through it. Apply glue to the base of the tree.

3. Insert tree: Use pliers to insert the tree through the ornament’s opening. Carefully manipulate the tree so the glued side sticks firmly to the globe’s inner base. You may need to hold the tree steady for a few minutes until the glue begins to dry. Allow 10 minutes for glue to dry onto the ornament’s surface.

4. Pour in microbeads and glitter: With the funnel or coffee filter, carefully pour microbeads into the base of the globe – so as not to disturb the freshly glued tree – until it reaches your desired height on the tree. Pour in the glitter. Manipulate the microbeads and glitter to be evenly distributed around the tree, then swirl the globe to mix the two materials together for a sparkly, snow-like appearance. Carefully reattach the metal cap.

5. Decorate: With a Sharpie glass marker or a paint pen, draw little snowflakes on the outside of the ornament.

Note: To prevent the tree from moving, avoid storing the snow globe ornament on its side.

For a simple and sparkly variation on the snow globe ornament:

What you’ll need

▪ Glass bulb ornaments (easily found at stores, including Target, Walmart and Michaels)

▪ Ultrafine glitter of your choosing

▪ Floor finish (Pledge or store brands work equally well)

▪ Funnel, or coffee filter with the tip cut off

How it’s done

1. Follow step one above, to open the ornament.

2. Pour in floor finish: With a funnel or steady hand, pour around a tablespoon of floor finish into the glass globe’s opening. To prevent bubbles from forming, pour the finish against the ornament’s sides. Steadily swoosh the liquid around the entire globe’s interior. If there is excess liquid, pour it out or back into the original bottle.

3. Pour in glitter: Place a clean and dried funnel, or the tip-less coffee filter, in the opening of the ornament. Pour a plentiful amount of glitter into the globe. Twist the globe as you pour in glitter, or place your thumb over the top’s opening and shake glitter to cover its entire interior. Excess glitter can be poured out. Wait 20 minutes before reattaching the metal cap.

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