Provisions: How to enhance your travel experience


• Mojo Refuel Aqua Battery Case


Say you are shooting the white-water rapids or maybe swimming the length of Lake Tahoe. You want to be able to still answer calls, right, with your iPhone5? This new removable battery case is said to be the first that can protect your precious smartphone down to 10 feet below water. The case is 20 millimeters and uses a 2200mAh interchangeable battery. One bummer to iPhone 5S users: The touch-ID fingerprint won’t work with the case. Suppose we’ll have to wait until the next generation of battery-charging cases.


• Vivitar High-Definition Remote Control Video Camera


Speaking of recording while wet, Vivitar has released a reasonably priced high-def video camera that can be used up to depths of 30 feet and also comes with a remote control for hands-free recording. A bike helmet mount is included, too. There’s also a stop-start remote-control feature so you won’t have to record all that boring flat mountain bike riding, just the gnarly bombs on downhills.


• Mountain Biking Lemmings

Some of the most cringe-worthy, that’s-gotta-hurt videos can be found on the Adventure Journal website. This one is a cautionary tale for mountain bikers who blindly follow too close to the dude in front of them. Looks like a fun course in Chatel, France, anyway.


• 7 College Towns to Visit This Fall

Ah, with the leaves turning and blowing across quads on campuses all over this great land, it’s the best time of year to stroll on a college campus. The Huffington Post lists the top attractions:

1. Princeton University (New Jersey)

2. University of Virginia (Charlottesville)

3. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor )

4. Williams College (Williamstown, Mass. )

5. University of Vermont (Burlington)

6. University of California, Berkeley

7. University of Georgia (Athens)


From Carolyn Barnabo (@CarolynBarnabo): “Changi Airport #Singapore, surrounded by yummy Asian food choices, I went to Dunkin Donuts. #travelfail.”

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