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Nacho responsibility

I consider myself to be a fairly responsible person. I take my vitamins in the morning (and) I floss my teeth every night ... . But sometimes I need to remind myself that I am also adventurous! ... Most of all I need to remind myself that it’s OK to be a little irresponsible every now and then. It’s OK if I decided to stay up past my 10 p.m. bedtime and it’s OK if I want to hit the snooze button in the morning and skip the gym. ... And it’s definitely OK if I want to have nachos for dinner! Chips, cheese, sour cream, ahhhh ... irresponsibility tastes delicious! Add some roasted butternut squash, chicken and black beans and you’ll have yourself a well-rounded meal. Just don’t let your irresponsible side know!

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Passing the bar

Pumpkin. Funfetti. PB&J. Chocolate. I just can’t. Get. Enough! And, well, you know me. When I find something I like, I buy seven. So … more gooey bars for you! But that’s not a problem, right? You like gooey bars as much as I do! And you’re gonna love these caramel apple gooey bars!

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Family meals can lower the risks of teen drug use and raise a child’s academic performance, studies show. Eating can also teach us to be fair. Fair trade refers to trade where fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries or disadvantaged communities. “Be Fair” is the campaign for Fair Trade Month, which is in October. But proponents hope it will last indefinitely.

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