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Tahoe Food Hub expanding its farm-to-market program

We get all our food from local farms when we’re in Tahoe for the summer.

We are regulars at the Truckee Farmers Market and Tahoe City Farmers Market, run by Foothills Farmers Market. We also get our food from the Sweet Roots’ Farm CSA delivered in Truckee. And we are members of the “Sierra Meat Buyers Club,” mainly Sinclair Family Farm.

We’re glad to see this effort being codified in the “Tahoe Food Hub.” The farm-to-market program promotes the sourcing and consumption of regionally produced foods, as Tahoe Food Hub explains. The producers represents small-scale producers within 100 miles of North Lake Tahoe.

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Falconry still reigns near Marysville

We’ve grown to accept that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by man. I would venture that riparian birds were next. ...

For thousands of years man has paired up with hawks, falcons, and eagles to create a unique hunting relationship. This relationship has been a part of Arab culture for most of that time. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years, I’ve had a fascination with all sorts of Mideastern themes (including) falconry. (When) a half-off deal came up for a basic falconry class ... I jumped at the chance.

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My favorite fall treat?

Pumpkin cake

My grandmother, mom, aunts and sister all make a killer carrot cake, but I first tasted pumpkin cake at a pumpkin farm in California many years ago, and instantly fell in love.

My sister and I found a recipe online a few years ago and modified it slightly to fit our tastes. ... (It is) the best cake around!

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