Get ready for cold months ahead

Wow, it sure is dark out early! That’s the common response during the suddenly shorter days following the return of standard time.

These dark (and chilly) evenings remind us that winter soon will be here. Meanwhile, the days are still warm enough to get things done around the home and garden. Which means it’s time to get ready for more changes ahead.

In advance of winter weather, here are some tips from the do-it-yourself experts at Family Handyman magazine:


Winterize plumbing:

If you have a cabin or summer home that you don’t use in the winter time,

it is important that you shut off the water supply and drain all of the water from the pipes. To ensure proper draining, turn on faucets, tubs, sinks or any other plumbing fixtures (don’t forget the shower). Pour nontoxic anti-freeze into any sink drain, shower drain or toilet to make sure there is no chance of water freezing.


Winterize the grill:

If you’re not a winter griller, pack away the grill now. Give it a thorough cleaning to remove grease and food scraps, then shut off the gas and unfasten the burner. Cover and protect the grill from wet and cold weather.


Winterize garden tools:

Put away your tools in good order. Start off by placing tools in a bucket of clean water and scraping off any dirt. Sharpen the tools so you are ready for work in late winter or spring. Store tools during cold winter months in a bucket filled with coarse sand and a little motor oil to keep the tools clean, rust-free and sharpened throughout the winter.

For more tips and step-by-step how-to videos, click on www.familyhandy

– Debbie Arrington