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Stealth Cooking whips up Jamaican pork with persimmons

With persimmons in the market and ripening in co-workers’ yards, I’ve been looking for new ways to use them. I was so delighted that this tasted so good! Persimmons are a fruit that have sweet, yet subtle notes. They’re a perfect partner for pork. If you can’t find persimmons in your area, this recipe works equally well with apples, another perfect pork partner. The spices in this recipe are reminiscent of the jerk seasoning so famous in Jamaican cooking.

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Munchie Musings advocates for caviar during the holidays

For many people caviar is considered a treat for the holiday season. One of those indulgent foods that you only eat around Christmas. It falls among other holiday indulgences such as prime rib, lobster, and cracked crab or less pricey treats such as Christmas cookies, roasted chestnuts, fruit cakes, and marzipan.

Part of the reason we celebrate with caviar during the holidays revolves around the Rule of R. The Rule of R says that shellfish, in particular oysters, should not be eaten in any month without a R. That basically means May, June, July, and August – all warmer months. Although not a shellfish, the Rule of R has also applied to caviar consumption.

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Sweet Baked Life spikes some apple cider

Get ready to snuggle up with mug of this fabulous Spiced and Spiked Hot Apple Cider. You’ll definitely find me in the kitchen whipping up a batch of two of this satisfying cider over the holidays – my guests always rave about it! I even make it in smaller quantities over the weekends (sans the “spike” for my son) so that my entire family can enjoy this warm and yummy drink. Not only does it taste good, but your home will be filled with the wonderfully warm and comforting aromas of apples and cinnamon!

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