Best of Sacramento Connect blogs: Building a better cheese plate

Stealth Cooking offers ‘a better cheese plate’

So, here’s a better, and healthier, idea. Mix fruits, vegetables, a few nuts for crunch, and a sweet treat right on the cheese plate. Forget the crackers. Try small bits of really tasty cheese with the fruits to see which combinations you like best. You’ll have fun, and so will your guests.

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Undercover Caterer celebrates a b-day at Manresa in Los Gatos

Manresa does it right. It cost a couple of day’s pay but it was lovely. ... Let me speak the truth. I had some problems with that panna cotta. Texturally, and also it was kind of like salty milk. I couldn’t finish it. Those petit fours were amazing, though. ... If you need a special place to go and you are an adventurous diner, please go. Oh! And they give you breakfast muffins and homemade vanilla caramels by the handful to put in your purse for later. So thoughtful.

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Foods for the Soul creates cranberry orange pecan granola

That’s right! This granola packs quite a flavorful punch with its bright citrusy tang. Coupled with the tart, chewy cranberries and soft, earthy pecans, it’s bound to disappear entirely in a day or two. After mindlessly crunching through a few servings while working one afternoon, I packed away the rest to give to my dad at Thanksgiving so I’d stop eating it all. A few days later, he called to tell me how much he’d been enjoying it for breakfasts!

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