Casinos: Jackson Rancheria to host another kind of ‘Raider’ nation

In a time of usual doldrums in casino entertainment, as the countdown begins to the holiday parties, the offerings this week are surprisingly diverse and intriguing, starting with one of the veterans of the touring scene.

Of all the classic rockers whose names belong in the amazing-they’re-still-going category – Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney – one is too frequently overlooked. That’s Paul Revere, the founder of Paul Revere and the Raiders, who at 75 is still rocking and is scheduled to take the stage with his band Sunday at Jackson Rancheria.

Of course, Revere (full name: Paul Revere Dick) and his band were in many ways opposites of their contemporaries. They weren’t part of the British Invasion, but one of America’s answers to it (hence the name and colorful uniforms). Their music didn’t get any more hard-edged than their hit “Kicks,” and their energetic stage shows stirred little if any controversy. (The exception was the time a woman sued for damages after a man, diving for one of the three-cornered hats Revere traditionally tossed to the crowd, smashed into her neck. That was as wild as things got.)

Paul Revere and the Raiders is a living reminder of the “American Bandstand” era (the band’s association with Dick Clark extended to their brief television series “Where the Action Is”), a time of enthusiastic but mostly non-threatening rock groups. However, Revere’s band earned distinction for its live performances. The antics (Revere clowning behind his piano designed to look like the front of an Edsel), the banter (more adult than usually heard on bubble-gum TV), and the joy the group displayed singing (belting it out the chorus of “Cherokee Nation” with the audience joining in) can still be enjoyed today. (6 p.m.; $20 with club card;

• Craig Ferguson, host of the “Late Late Show” since 2005, has served his time in the trenches, dating back to the late ’80s when he was a stand-up performing under the winking stage-name Bing Hitler. While he has yet to truly break big (or at least move to a show at an earlier hour), Ferguson has nonetheless developed a particularly dedicated fan base keen on his sharp observational humor and physical comedy. He will demonstrate why he’s so beloved Saturday at Cache Creek with his “Hot and Grumpy Tour.” (8 p.m.; $49, $65;


• For something unusual, try Terry Bradshaw, football player and commentator and now, evidently, singer and storyteller, in show “America’s Favorite Dumb Blond: A Life in Four Quarters,” tonight at MontBleu. (9 p.m.; $35, $45;