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Cowtown Eats stops by Enotria for “Chef Pajo Bruich’s Favorite Things”

In celebration of his birthday, Enotria Chef Pajo Bruich set up the restaurant’s bar area with a couple of his favorite things – namely rap music, tequila and Mexican food – on Thursday evening. With all the Mexican small bites at $10 or less, it was a very affordable way to sample some of the acclaimed chef’s cuisine without breaking the bank. … Since it was a one-night event, I won’t really write a long review. But I do want to say that the ingredients were fresh and the flavors were sharp.

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Munchie Musings wishes happy birthday to her blog

Munchie Musings has been in existence (for six years). To say that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done is an understatement. Not because I have great reach or because my blog is anything special, but because of the way it has changed my life. I’ve become friends with so many more people via the blog and the social media groups. I’ve learned SOOOO much more about the food industry and food in general that I am sometimes a bit overwhelming and scary in food conversations. I’ve become involved with Sacramento’s food community so that I’ve been able to do such things as the Sacramento Food Film Festival and Have an Offal Day as well as being an active supporter of the food truck movement.

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Finding Our Way Now makes ham and cheese mini quiches

As the holiday season approaches I think of making fun breakfast and brunch items such as these ham and cheese mini quiches to serve to my family and friends. There is nothing quite like a good breakfast to get the day started off right. It’s especially fun when it’s easy, pretty and delicious.

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