Bake perfect sugar cookies every time

Sugar cookies are a holiday mainstay, but how do you bake perfect treats every time? With Christmas only a week away, there’s no time for mistakes — or burnt cookies.

The editors of Country Woman magazine shared their best tips for great sugar cookies:

• Use a light touch. Over-working the dough will make it tough. Try to handle it as little as possible.

• Chill. Refrigerate the dough before rolling out; it makes for easier handling.

• Don’t get stuck. Prevent the dough from sticking by lightly dusting with flour both the rolling pin and work surface. Be careful; working too much extra flour into the dough will make the cookies tough.

• Start small. Instead of rolling all the dough out at once, roll out in small portions, such as enough to make a dozen cookies. Keep remaining dough in the refrigerator, so it stays chilled.

• Keep it even. Roll the dough from the center out, maintaining a uniform thickness. Use a ruler to check; uneven thickness makes for uneven baking. Thinner cookies will burn before thick ones are done.

• Make clean cuts. Dip your cookie cutters in flour or spray them with nonstick cooking spray to keep dough from sticking.

• Use right tools. Have a large spatula or pancake turner handy to transfer cutout cookies to and from baking sheets. To keep cookies intact, make sure the entire cutout fits on the spatula or turner.

• Keep it simple. Limit your designs and colors while decorating. The job will go faster and results will look (and taste) better.

• Leave time for drying. Let decorated cookies dry overnight before packaging for gift giving or freezing.

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