Best of Sacramento Connect Home & Garden blogs: Just Paint It!

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•  Sacramento artist and “Just Paint It!” author

Colleen Jorgensen

shares her tips on how to make merry on a tight budget:

“I wanted to write this holiday decorating series because, while the majority of the year I have a paintbrush in my hand, from fall through December, the florist in me comes out. Having worked in a craft store for years, I find that’s true with a lot of people. When holidays roll around, we all want to decorate our homes and a good portion of the decorations involve some type of floral – wreaths, garlands, trees, centerpieces. We want our decorations to look great, of course. Magazines, blogs, and even soap opera sets provide wonderful inspiration. ...

“Anyway, wanting to get that ‘designer’ look and actually achieving it can be two different things. Floral (and interior) designers often decorate homes for showcase tours with either large budgets or much of the merchandise is used in exchange for advertising. They achieve lush, full Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands using top-of-the-line products.

“Those of us at home don’t have this luxury but still want that ‘designer’ look. Even without an unlimited budget, you can create beautiful floral pieces with just a few simple tricks of the trade.”

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