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Undercover Caterer whips up a batch of ‘tea tossies’

Well, looky here. I managed to pry myself away from work long enough to tweak a few photos and slap ’em together to bring Nana to you today. And lucky you are, because I am finally sharing my family’s very very favorite Christmas cookie, the TEA TOSSIE.

No, I don’t know why they are called that.

They are kind of like teensy pecan pies. Bite-sized pecan pies. Probably dangerous, but what the hell, I only make them once a year.

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Munchie Musings makes uni pasta

For sushi lovers uni is a delicacy, as it is in nature. Uni is the Japanese word for the gonads, or sex organs, of sea urchins. Uni is, in fact, delicate and must be handled with care. It’s very soft and even a bit mushy. Eaten, it’s got a creamy consistency.

In Japan, uni can go for as much as $400 a kilo. Luckily, we have plenty of local sea urchins off of our California coast. At Sunh Fish the uni comes in from Fort Bragg. A small tray of uni is $9.75 and a large tray is under $20. This is for the nice, pretty stuff as you see in the picture above.

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Sierra FoodWineArt drops by Mountain Valley Meats

The food scene in Truckee is on a roll – with restaurants such as Stella at the Center House Sports Hotel, whose chef Jacob Burton was a finalist in the Food & Wine magazine awards for “Best New Chef” this year. Then Restaurant Trokay won a four-star review in the Sacramento Bee this summer. The first all-Indian restaurant, Spice, opened this fall.

Now Truckee has a custom butcher shop – Mountain Valley Meats. The butcher shop and catering business is located in the Rock Shopping Center, next to Fifty Fifty Brewing Co. The address is 11209 Brockway Road.

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