Three to See: Local flavor to the music

Jackie Greene


Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday

at Crystal Bay Casino

Just when you think you have Jackie Greene figured out, he lobs you another curveball. That happened again this year. Never shy about putting his own material on the shelf to play music with his brethren, Sacramento’s favorite son eschewed a year of gigs with his band in favor of a 2013 full of touring as lead guitar with Americana rock heroes the Black Crowes. For those who’ve been missing his enigmatic stage persona and his catalog of surgically crafted tunes, he’ll ring in 2014 with two high-octane full band shows (one on Saturday night, and a big New Year’s Eve bash), and in between he’ll get cozy on Sunday evening with a solo/duo alongside his guitarist, Nathan Dale.

14 State Highway 28, Crystal Bay, Nev. $25-$60. ; .

The Mother Hips


Friday, Saturday, Monday & Tuesday (Various locations)

Splice together the most beloved bands of California’s rock-and-roll history over the past half-century – the sunny pop of the Beach Boys, breezy Americana of Laurel Canyon acts such as the Byrds and Neil Young, and the blistering jams of the Grateful Dead – and you’ll come up with the Mother Hips, a veteran “California Soul” band more than 20 years of soaring original tunes. It’s always busy around the holidays, headlining Assembly on Friday night, opening the aforementioned Saturday evening Jackie Greene show at Crystal Bay, and then ringing in the New Year at the El Rey Theatre in its hometown of Chico on Monday and Tuesday, both times with breakout sensation Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers opening.

Assembly, 1000 K St., Sacramento; $20; ; El Rey Theatre, 220 W. Second St., Chico. $25-$48. .

The Nibblers


9 p.m. Friday at Torch Club

Although they’ve only been on the local Sacramento scene for a few years, brass-heavy funk peddlers the Nibblers are the kind of band you never want to see evaporate. They’re the kind of group that local venues keep on speed dial when they feel like booking a serious groove-shaker, and that makes the ghosts of James Brown and Otis Redding smile with the realization that their legacies are still going strong. It seemed like they had gone the way of the dodo until they announced their return from oblivion back in May, with a few new members in the lineup, including Will Whitlock, the group’s third vocalist in its five-year history.

904 15th St., Sacramento. $8.

Looking ahead: !!! (Chk chk chk) Electro rock, Jan. 24 at Assembly

Although its members are spread across both coasts, the roots of this raucous electro punk rock act remain embedded in Sacramento. They come to town for the first time since early summer. 1000 K St., Sacramento. $13.