Best of Sacramento Connect blogs: Brown Thumb Mama

The Sacramento Bee hosts a network of high-quality news providers and bloggers in the Sacramento region. Here is a sampling of the best of the current Home & Garden blogs. Check out the full postings:

•  Prompted by recent holiday baking, Sacramento mom and blogger

Pam Farley

, author of “Brown Thumb Mama,” offers an assortment of all-natural home-made alternatives for basic baking ingredients:

“Grandma’s cinnamon cookie recipe was pretty basic – flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cinnamon. Nothing weird or wacky there! If you look at the ingredients we bake with today, though, you’ll see high fructose corn syrup, additives, or worse.

“Here’s a collection of homemade baking ingredients from top healthy living bloggers. We invite you to use these natural alternatives in your baking, and keep the chemicals out of your cookies. ... Please Pin, Share, Stumble or Google+ this post to share with your friends and save it for later – you know you’ll need it!”

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