We Tested It: This LED bulb can turn heads

How much: $19.97 suggested retail price.

Where to buy: Available at The Home Depot, and other chains.

Pro: This new LED bulb looks and acts a lot like the familiar 60-watt incandescent bulbs that are fading out of circulation. It fits in conventional fixtures (just screw it in) and will last more than 13 years while saving on energy costs (an estimated $80 over its considerable lifetime). Using just 11 watts, this bulb also has several positive features CFL counterparts don’t. It’s mercury-free, instant-on and dimmable. The quality of light is warm and natural, much like sunlight. Prices are coming down, too.

Con: It’s still an investment at $20 a bulb, although this model was originally introduced at $30. It’s rated at 570 lumens, which seems a little low for a 60-watt equivalent. But the light was very bright when tested.

Rating (out of 5): * * * *