Best of Sacramento Connect food & wine blogs: Scones, apple pie, more

Finding Our Way Now bakes fruit and nut scones

I love the smell of these warm fruit and nut scones on a cold winter morning with a great cup of coffee. These scones really are good. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. They are easy to throw together and a wonderful addition to any breakfast when you have a houseful of guests. … The dough is initially crumbly. When you kneed it a few times it quickly comes together. Be careful not to overwork the dough.

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Sierra FoodWineArt visits Lake Tahoe’s most Paleo-friendly restaurant

The Paleo Diet – also known as the Caveman or Stone-Age diet – was the most searched-for diet of the year on Google, thanks to its growing popularity among both mainstream eaters and bodybuilders and CrossFitters alike. … Now Jax at the Trax in Truckee has a Paleo menu in conjunction with Crossfit Jaboom, a registered Crossfit affiliate fitness and training center in downtown Truckee. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

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Sweet Baked Life shares the recipe for her husband’s favorite apple pie

In my home, serving up a freshly baked apple pie is a holiday tradition. If you love apple pie, you’ve got to try my husband’s favorite apple pie. You see, my guy loves apple pie so much that if he had his way, I would make this fruit-filled dessert year round! But unfortunately for him I really only make it during the cool fall and winter months as a warm and comforting dessert. So, get ready to sink your teeth into wonderfully soft apples smothered in a not-too-sweet cinnamon sugar base and surrounded by a flaky pie crust. This recipe comes together fast, and I use pre-made pie crust to make it even easier!

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