Turbo dehydrator cuts time, saves space

How much: $69.99 suggested retail price.

Where to buy: Available at, The Home Depot, Best Buy and other home goods retailers.

Pro: This portable kitchen appliance can dehydrate A LOT of food in half the time of other dehydrators. In our test, it dried 20 pounds of sliced persimmons in under 16 hours. Yet, the unit weighs only about 7 pounds and takes up 13 by 13 inches of counter space. The five plastic trays are large and easy to clean. A big plus: The trays can be nested, reducing the overall size of this appliance by a third and making it easier to store. Besides drying a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, it makes great jerky and dried herbs, too.

Con: Its steady blower sounds like a low-pitched vacuum cleaner. It was similar to the drone of engines on a long plane flight, which can be annoying. But it got the job done much faster than similarly priced and sized units.

Rating (out of 5): * * * * *