‘It was love at first sight’: Sacramento welcomes first West Coast baby of 2019

Alan Armenta Romero was doing all the normal things babies do in their first 24 hours: sleeping, feeding, taking his first bath and being showered with love by his family.

“It was love at first sight,” said Allison Armenta Romero, his 9-year-old sister, while she was holding him.

But there’s at least one thing extraordinary about Alan Armenta Romero — he was born just 8 seconds after midnight and he’s the first baby on the West Coast to be born in 2019, according to Sutter Hospital.

Alan Armenta Romero was born Tuesday morning to Patricia Romero and Juan Armenta at the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. His due date was actually Wednesday, Patricia said, though she went into labor Monday night around 6 p.m.

Dr. Amy Riley delivered the baby. Riley said Patricia started to push as the clock struck midnight. Hospital staff members wore party hats in the delivery room to prepare for his arrival.

“It was a normal, healthy, safe labor and by the time we got everything ready, mom was excited about the thought of first baby of the year,” Riley said. “We got everything set, and by the time we had pushed one time, it was midnight.”

Both Alan and Patricia were healthy and well shortly after the birth. Patricia Romero said she didn’t expect to deliver the first West Coast baby of 2019, but said she felt “pure happiness” when it happened.

“It took us like two minutes, he was really quick,” she said. “I wasn’t really thinking that we were going to make this.”

Riley said the birth was normal, “like in the textbooks” – with the exception of the fact that Alan was delivered at the start of the year.

“I mean every labor is amazing and it’s a miracle, but this one had a little more magic because of the hour of the day,” Riley said.

As Alan got his first bath, his older sister Allison watched in wonder. When asked how she felt about having a younger brother, she said she was excited.

“We’re all sharing one little bundle of joy,” Allison said.

Some say that having a baby on Jan. 1 helps kids become better athletes because they’re placed at the top of team rosters. Alan Armenta Romero doesn’t have to worry about family pressure though: Juan Armenta said that he’s just happy his baby boy is healthy.

“He got lucky,” Patricia said. “We all did.”