Melissa Arca: 5 tips for reconnecting as a family after long day at work

Melissa Arca
Melissa Arca

Walking in the door after a long day at the clinic is both the best and, frankly, the hardest part of my day. I still get the running with excitement to greet me ... sometimes even with homemade art projects thrust into my face. All in the name of love.

And I love it.

But I’m exhausted.

And I fight the urge to just plop on the couch and decompress for the next two hours until bedtime rolls around. But I know I can’t. I know the moments between walking in the front door until the lights go out after the last bedtime story have to count. Otherwise, it’s just one day flowing into the next ... and we all know how kids grow at lightning speed.

I want these moments with our kids to, well, shine. Stand out. For better or for worse, I know the tears, sibling squabbles and a fair amount of whining are all part of the treasured family-time package.

But I keep telling myself it’s worth it. And it really is. I’m pretty sure my husband agrees ... though I know he’s just as exhausted and wants to lapse into a mini-coma before switching gears.

So, I’m sharing five tips for reconnecting as a family after a long day at work:

Eat together:

Play something:

Get outside:

Sit and read:

Savor bedtime:

Whatever you do as a family at the end of the day, try to be together. Nothing fancy. No planning required. Just be in the moment.