Party and art show planned around skateboarder’s design of Adidas shoe honoring Sacramento

Miles Silvas said he has skated the Tower Bridge many times and wanted to incorporate an element of Sacramento in his latest design with Adidas.
Miles Silvas said he has skated the Tower Bridge many times and wanted to incorporate an element of Sacramento in his latest design with Adidas.

Professional skateboarder Miles Silvas could live anywhere he wants but he chooses to stay in Sacramento, the city where he grew up.

This month he will celebrate his hometown with a party and public art show - all timed around the release of a new shoe design for his sponsor Adidas.

“It just feels like home,” said Silvas, 22, adding that he is happy he can maintain his career in Sacramento and be close to his friends and family while showing skaters the best spots to skate. “I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.”

Silvas began skating at the age of 5 and landed major sponsorships when he was 13. His smooth flow, style and trick selection allowed him to skate professionally by the time he was 18.

In his sixth collaboration with Adidas, Silvas will pay homage to his hometown on Oct. 19 with the release of a Colorways shoe design inspired by Sacramento.

The shoe will feature the Sacramento Kings retro baby blue color scheme and incorporates the font of his tattoos, which name his skate crews PLAboys and FOFA.

“It’s the blue I really wanted to do and I finally got to do it,” said Silvas, “I just put my tattoos on the tongue and on the inside there’s the Sac Bridge [Tower Bridge] ... I just tried to make it what I would want to wear.”

PLA Skate Shop will host a party at its Sacramento location, where the shoe will first be available, and will sell matching apparel designed by Silvas and PLA shop manager Jason Talbert for the sneaker’s exclusive world release.

Silvas’ release party will kick off an Adidas weekend followed by an art show held in collaboration with Juxtapoz Magazine and 1810 Gallery.

“It’s an Adidas weekend and it’s going to be rad,” said Mike Stalter, 38, sales and advertising director for Juxtapoz. “They are going to come into town, go skate around and we’ll have the gallery have the show for a couple of days.”

Stalter said the Adidas showcase will be a mixture of paintings, sculpture and photography, with a graffiti and tattoo element. He said plans were already in the works for coordinating the art showcase with Adidas and 1810 Gallery when he was approached with the idea of teaming up with PLA skate shop.

“A guy from Adidas was like, ‘Hey, we think we are going to have the timing to do the Miles shoe release around the same time. Why don’t we make it a weekend of events?’” Stalter said.

With the help of PLA skate shop posting a story to its Instagram account seeking local artists, Stalter said he was able to tap into the artistic side of the skateboarding community and add more artists to the show’s lineup.

“There’s a lot of really talented people doing crazy things in Sacramento,” said Stalter.

Talbert said the timing is perfect because it is also Silvas’ birthday weekend and a lot of family and friends will be in attendance. He said anyone can come to the party at the shop.

“I think he kinda just wanted to root himself here and it’s working,” said Talbert, 35, “Sacramento is very big for skateboarding and a lot of people come through here. He [Silvas] says, ‘you guys got to come here to come skate with me.’”

The Silvas-designed 3ST. 003 sneaker is priced at $90.

“A lot of people here skate Adidas so I think the people of Sacramento will be hyped to get this shoe and wear it because it’s part of the shop and it shows the town,“ said Silvas.

Miles Shoe release party

Friday Oct. 19 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

PLA Skate Shop, 1006 J St., Sacramento

Adidas showcase

Saturday Oct. 20 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

1810 Gallery, 215 14th St., Sacramento