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It’s the latest (but it’s really old) yoga trend. And it looks strange

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Social media has ramped up a yoga craze, an ancient and rare move called nauli.

Nauli, a traditional cleansing kriya exercise, is intended to detox and massage your internal organs, Heidi Krostoffer said in an article for Shape. She’s the health magazine’s resident yoga expert.

Yoga experts say you will not find the rare technique being taught in typical yoga classes.

It’s done by exhaling completely, and then sucking in your abdomen, pulling it under your rib cage and contracting your abdominal muscles in a circular motion. Say what? You’ll just have to watch.


Trying to do nauli? #nauli #naulikriya #core

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Instagram is being held responsible for popularizing the trend in recent months.

Kristoffer said it can be used for a good ab workout as much as for detoxification, an aid to digestion and organ massage.

Alison West, a yoga teacher in New York, told Self that nauli is "basically creating a vacuum" with your abdominal muscles.

West told the magazine it makes her "energized" and "enlivened.”

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