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Fitbit unveils fitness ‘superwatch’ and continuous heart-rate tracking devices

Fitbit unveiled a series of new wristband fitness trackers on Monday, marking its first major launch since the recall of its ill-fated Fitbit Force.

In line with rumors, the company has added three devices to its lineup: the Fitbit Charge (a reboot of the Fitbit Force), the Fitbit Charge HR (which comes with heart-rate monitoring) and the Fitbit Surge, a device specialized for runners (with some smartwatch capabilities).

The products and the corresponding apps work with iOS, Android and Windows phones and come in small, large and x-large sizes. Fitbit - which maintains 69% of wearables marketshare, according to NPD Group - will launch the Fitbit Charge in time for the holiday shopping season, but the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge won't be available until early next year.