Helping Others

Applause: Kudos to: American River Parkway Foundation volunteers

Kudos to: American River Parkway Foundation volunteers

Accomplishment: Devoted thousands of hours to parkway upkeep in 2013

Details: More than 4,000 volunteers worked 15,400 hours on the parkway. Volunteers removed 34,542 invasive red sesbania plants from the parkway and picked up 22,000 pounds of trash. A total of 98 community groups volunteered in 2013 – 40 of those groups were first-timers.

Kudos to: Mara Gonzalez, inclusion specialist

Accomplishment: Received the June Downing Breakthrough award for advancing education for students with disabilities

Details: At Orchard Elementary in Rio Linda, Gonzalez has worked to demonstrate that all children can learn and make friends at school. The award is given to those who advance inclusive education for students with disabilities.

Kudos to: Kaiser Permanente doctors, nurses and staff

Accomplishment: Purchased new sneakers for 97 students at Williamson Elementary School in Rancho Cordova

Details: The shoes go to children whose parents can’t always afford a new pair. The new shoes fit in well with the walking program in which the students participate, known as Healthy Eating Active Living.

– Bill Lindelof