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Exposures: I Care: Kit helps guide seekers to jobs

Smiling with pride, Alexandra Godsil assembles her first Get A Job Kit during a job-training program at Women’s Empowerment, an organization that helps homeless women rebuild their lives and gain the skills and confidence needed to find employment. Coaching her is Shirley Willey, center, while fellow trainees like Lynette Bateman, left, provide support and encouragement. Willey helps them imagine who may be on the receiving end of the kits. “It could be a vet returning from Afghanistan or an ex-inmate getting out of Folsom Prison,” Willey says, “or maybe a new grad who’s overwhelmed by how competitive the job market is.” The $11 kit comes in a shiny green cardboard briefcase and includes practical tools for job seekers including interviewing tips, thank you notes and a tracking log. Willey started the Get A Job Kit business over 20 years ago and recently donated her company to Women’s Empowerment to help generate revenue for the organization. “It’s like a mother who’s nurtured something and watched it flourish and now it’s moving on to do greater things,” she said.

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