Helping Others

Applause: Kudos to Scott Heath, River City Food Bank, Suzanne Miyamoto, 50 inmates

Kudos to: Scott Heath, college student, and River City Food Bank

Accomplishment: Heath hosted a neighborhood fundraiser for the food bank

Details: A total of $7,000 and 700 pounds of food were collected. The food bank serves thousands of people every month, providing a safety net for families.

Kudos to: Suzanne Miyamoto, biochemist at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Accomplishment: Received $25,000 grant from OCERN’s Run for Ovarian Cancer

Details: Miyamoto and her research team have been developing methods to improve the ability to detect ovarian cancer by targeting molecules that come from the tumor and are present in women’s blood. Ovarian cancer has a high mortality rate, largely because no early detection test exists.

Kudos to: 50 inmates at Folsom Women’s Facility

Accomplishment: Graduated from prison industry authority’s technical education programs

Details: The women graduated with certificates in computer-aided design, construction, carpentry and facilities maintenance. Graduates of the programs have a low recidivism rate.

Bill Lindelof