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Hot Property: Could he be more outta there?

Matthew Perry, who last year made a big splash in the Century City condo market, has quietly decamped from his sleek perch in the Bird Streets. The actor of "Friends" fame has sold his home in the Hollywood Hills West neighborhood known for its bird-named streets in an off-market deal for $12.5 million.

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On Gardening: Sarah Eve, stunning pink Virginia sweetspire

Sarah Eve is mesmerizing; it's the first pink selection of Virginia sweetspire. It was introduced by Woodlanders, Inc. in Aiken South Carolina but discovered by Nancy Bissett of The Natives Inc. in central Florida and named for her daughter. Woodlanders describes the flowers as white but with pink pedicels making the long dangling racemes or blooms look pink.

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The oven cleaning tricks that work

Part of spring-cleaning is that you're cleaning all the nooks and crannies you don't get a chance to reach all year round – and your oven should not be forgotten. I've been searching high and low for some oven cleaning hacks lately. It all started because I live in an old apartment and realized I have no idea the last time it was cleaned. (Yes, that's a bit scary). Not only does grime and dried-up oil look unpleasant, but it often produces a foul odor when things are cooking.

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The essentials for a modern farmhouse design

Modern Farmhouse design is one of this year's hottest trends – and for good reason. The style combines the warmth of a traditional farm home with a streamlined, minimal aesthetic. And the result is not only stunning; it's timeless. There are lots of ways to achieve the look, but incorporating a few essentials will help you capture the core of the design and create the space you're envisioning.

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Style at Home: Bathrooms get cottage charm makeover

Sometimes, I look at photos of homes with large, lovely, almost palatial bathroom spaces, and sigh wistfully. As a lover of historic homes, big bathrooms are not a reality for me, unless I knock out a lot of walls. But I have found that just because your home has little bathrooms doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. All you need to do is add some touches here and there to give them charm.

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Design Recipes: Using warm colors can help transform a space

It sure is cold outside, and what better way to warm up your space than with color. Warm colors not only help to add a sense of coziness but indeed warmth to a space. From warm oranges, to reds and yellows, warmer tones can help to transform a space that may be cold and cavernous to one that is warm and inviting.

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Yardsmart: Standing disks in your garden

The tradition of carved jade disks called a bi began in China before the invention of writing. Dating back to Neolithic times, it's believed they represent the heavens. Later as the culture changed, so did the meaning and the value of the more contemporary jade bi. There are similar shapes in the local design vernacular of other cultures too. Old world and New, East and West, these flat circular forms have found their forever homes in gardens. When you see them in so many different cultural milieus, the realization is that this is truly a universal sculpture. Such large forms belong in gardens where a sense of the spiritual is not defined by religious icons.

How well do you know Sacramento’s recycling rules? Test yourself

See if you know what goes in the blue bin under the current recycling rules for the city of Sacramento and Sacramento County.
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