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On Gardening: Leslie Ann looks as exquisite as rare porcelain china

The beautiful Leslie Ann is a Camellia sasanqua that has had admirers bringing out their cameras for many years. It debuted in 1960, 58 years ago, thanks to nurseryman Ray Davis of Alabama. The next year in 1961 it won the coveted Ralph Peer Camellia sasanqua award. According to one website in Alabama it is one of two Camellias sasanqua to win the award twice.

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CNET: Great home appliance gifts for the holidays

Here's a tip if you're shopping for good gifts this holiday season: Seek out things that your lucky loved ones can use every day. Appliances fit the bill surprisingly well – but which ones are worth the cash? Here are four of the best smart appliances suited for gifting that CNET has seen this year.

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Ask Angie’s List: How can I prevent winter pests?

Your relatives aren't the only guests who make themselves at home in your house over the holidays, and the other group is considerably less welcome. People often think rodents and insects go dormant during the winter months. And while many do indeed go into a kind of hibernation, others remain very active and seek to survive and thrive in the climate-controlled bliss of your home. Fortunately, you can keep pests away by taking some basic steps.

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Style at Home: Rad plaid holiday tables

When guests come to my home for dinner during the holiday season, there are two things they are guaranteed to find: a meal made by someone – anyone – besides me and a table dressed in plaid. This time of year, I am firmly committed to never, ever cooking. And, to filling my life with as much plaid as I can get away with.

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How to avoid holiday plumbing disasters

Murphy's Law dictates that all plumbing disasters occur when you're entertaining, cooking a large meal or hosting guests for the weekend. Naturally, of course, they also generally occur on Saturday night or Sunday. Here's what you should do when they happen.

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Hot Property: A long way from that Boston bar

LOS ANGELES – Actress Kirstie Alley, who finished as a runner-up on the latest season of the reality show "Celebrity Big Brother," is ready to leave another house behind. She's put her longtime home in the L.A. neighborhood of Los Feliz on the market for $11.97 million.

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On Gardening: The poinsettia a treasured Christmas tradition

Black Friday turned out to be a real shocker for me. It wasn't for store fighting, super discounts on large TV's or digital cameras but, instead, it was the rush to buy poinsettias. I was surprised that poinsettias made the 'lost leader' list, similarly, to the 39-cents-per-pound turkey at Thanksgiving. Secondly, I was just as shocked that the consumers were willing to wait outside the store at 5 a.m. to buy huge quantities of poinsettias.

How to protect your plants when frost is in the forecast

Is there a cold front in your forecast? Here is how you can protect your plants from the damaging effects of frost.