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Make A Difference Day lives up to name

Sacramento Bee readers share their gardening adventures.

Sacramento answered the call for National Make A Difference Day. On Oct. 26, about 300 volunteers turned out to clean up community gardens, start new gardens and other tasks.

“It was the 12th year that we organized the effort as part of the Sacramento-area community garden coalition,” said coordinator Bill Maynard.

The volunteers worked at 36 sites in the Sacramento area, including many community gardens, school gardens and church gardens, he said.

“They also worked on green space projects, the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center to help the master gardeners and the old city cemetery rose garden,” Maynard added.

The volunteers focused on several edible-landscape projects in the area, Maynard noted, including sites in Davis, Woodland, Lincoln, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova and Sacramento.

“I was at the Rancho Cordova library, where the second Read and Feed library garden project is under construction,” he added. “We created the raised beds with over 500 concrete blocks.

“(Coordinators at) all sites commented how hard the volunteers worked and the excellent job,” he said.

Faye Wilson Kennedy of the Southeast Village Neighborhood Association was among those who lauded the volunteers. Many came from the AmeriCorps program. They helped the association and Camellia Elementary School’s Green Team spruce up the community garden at Camellia Park.

“The AmeriCorps members provided the people power needed to tackle the old Bermuda grass near the community garden,” she said.

At Bean Park in Sacramento, the AmeriCorps volunteers cleared the paths and the abandoned plots, readying the community garden for more new members. It demonstrated again how many hands can make quick work of even the most daunting tasks.


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