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Sacbee garden: Foothills gardener unearths a surprise

Sacramento Bee readers share their gardening adventures.

Who’s ready for sweet potato casserole?

With their beautiful vines and attractive flowers, sweet potatoes caught the fancy of many local gardeners this past summer.

But you don’t know the “results” until the vines are spent and the harvest is unearthed.

Reader Angelica R. Jackson, who gardens in Shingle Springs, tried growing sweet potatoes in 2013. She got some giant tubers, including this guy.

“My sweet potatoes went wild this year,” she noted. “I harvested a bunch of huge tubers. This was the largest and I’ve named him Marvin.”

Marvin’s measurements are impressive, added Jackson, who still has the giant sweet potato in her pantry. “He was 28 inches around lengthwise and 24 inches around crosswise at harvest. ... And by the way, he was just the biggest of a very big bunch.”

With a “face” like Marvin’s, who wouldn’t love some sweet potato pie this holiday season?


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