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Water-wise tip: Switch to perennials and save

This is part of a weekly feature in Home & Garden, highlighting ways residents can save water.

•  Refresh your landscape with low-water perennials.

Fall is ideal weather to plant perennials – and that offers many ways to save water in seasons to come. Many perennials need less water than annuals and shrubs used in traditional landscaping. Experts at the Regional Water Authority estimate that local homeowners can save at least 9 gallons a day per 1,000 square feet of landscaping by using low-water plants. That adds up to almost 3,300 gallons per year. The savings are much greater if the plants you’re replacing are turf. And by planting now, perennials have a chance to become established by next summer – when water needs are greatest.

For more tips (including hundreds of suggested water-wise plants), visit the recently revamped www.bewatersmart.info/.

Debbie Arrington