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Property Brothers to Sacramento: Show us your worst

Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” challenge Sacramento-area homeowners to show them their worst rooms.
Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” challenge Sacramento-area homeowners to show them their worst rooms.

It’s almost “House Party” time.

July 22 at the Sacramento Community Center Theater, the twins known as the Property Brothers will debut their live on-stage showcase, an in-person version of their popular TV series.

“Everything you love about ‘Property Brothers’ plus much more,” promised Jonathan Scott of the first-ever “Scott Brothers House Party.”

That includes before-and-after home renovations, funny videos, personal confessions and “possibly even magic,” he said. “It will be a truly unique and intimate experience.”

Hosts of five TV series, the Scott brothers, longtime HGTV personalities, rank as the most famous twins in home improvement. This summer, their celebrity has grown far beyond their “Brother vs. Brother” loving audience. Their familiar faces seem to be popping up everywhere, from bank commercials to their Esurance music videos they call “DIY Ditties.”

Their new live show is another first. As the brothers are quick to admit, they need the help of their fans – especially those with a room full of issues.

As part of their Sacramento appearance, the Scotts are challenging local homeowners to nominate rooms that desperately need their expertise.

“Send us the best photo of the worst room in your house,” Jonathan Scott said. Submit entries via The Bee’s Buzz Points webpage. The winner will get an onstage consultation and front-row tickets for the show.

Giants need earlier start

In our region, most Halloween pumpkins get planted in early July. But truly mammoth cucurbits need more time – and less heat – early in their growth cycle.

That’s the advice of Brian Myers, chairman of the California Giant Pumpkin Growers.

“A giant pumpkin seed planted today will not develop a giant pumpkin,” Myers said. “It is too hot to germinate properly, and there is not enough growing time for it to develop a large pumpkin.

“The plant needs 55 to 65 days from seed to pollination of the pumpkin,” he explained. “The pumpkin then needs about 95 days to grow from pollination. There is just not enough growing time for all that to occur if you plant around July 4.”

Growers of giant pumpkins – those topping 1,000 pounds – want to give their plants as much time as possible to grow, while still making deadlines for weigh-ins in early October. In April, they start their seed indoors, then transplant the seedlings outside.

“We recommend starting seed around April 15 to 20,” Myers said. “Pollination is usually around July 4, so that the pumpkin is ready around Oct. 7 to 10.”

For “normal” size pumpkins, July is still OK for planting. Just don’t expect any gargantuan gourds.


Where: Sacramento Community Center Theater, 1301 L St., Sacramento

When: 7:30 p.m. July 22

Cost: $48.75 and up; special VIP packages available

Information: 800-225-2277, 916-808-5181

To submit questions:

Enter to win an onstage consultation: