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Hints from Heloise: Framing a puzzle

Dear Readers: A reader had a problem: How to frame a puzzle?

Here are just a few of the hints you shared:

Elaine in Alabama wrote: You can find tons of good frames, all kinds and all sizes, at thrift stores. Some will be empty, and some will have pictures in them. Just take out the pictures. They will be very inexpensive. (I agree! – Heloise)

Frank in Arkansas wrote: Find a carpenter, as they always have a lot of scraps left over. They have saws and could cut pieces at the end of the day. Buy glue at the hardware store to finish. Use books as weights to hold pieces in place while glue sets.

Marillyn in Texas wrote: After assembling, coat the front of the puzzle with glue (Heloise here: They make special glue for puzzles, or use any that dries clear) and slide a squeegee or plastic ruler over the puzzle to work the glue into puzzle pieces. It will dry clear.

After it has dried, turn the puzzle over and repeat the process on the back. Cut a piece of poster board to fit, and glue in place.

Marie, via email, wrote: Picture frames do not come in the sizes that puzzles are made in. Buy a frame that is larger and use pretty paper or pieces of fabric to cover the edges where the backing shows.

All of these are great hints! Thanks!