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Hints from Heloise: Lighten up clothing color when out in murky light

DEAR READERS: Here is this week’s sound off, about athletic clothing:

“My biggest concern is the number of athletes out on the roads at sunset wearing their black shorts and shirts. I do not think they realize how nearly invisible they are to drivers. Bike riders, please brighten up your red rear lights and your front light. Walkers and runners, light-colored clothing would be a big help, along with reflectors.”

L.B. In Coastal Florida

DEAR L.B.: This is a major safety problem, and one that can be very dangerous for all parties! Anyone who jogs or walks, especially at dusk or nighttime, should be visible – light-colored clothes, safety tape, even a small flashlight. Many times I have come upon someone walking and thought, “I almost did not see you!”

DEAR HELOISE: I’m wondering if you have a cleaning hint for the ice/water dispenser on my refrigerator. I love the convenience, but am concerned how to clean the dispenser and keep it sanitary.

Jan H. in San Antonio

DEAR JAN: Check the manual for your refrigerator before doing anything. Then, grab one of my all-time favorite products – vinegar! Heat some white or apple-cider vinegar until warm and wipe down the outer ice/ water dispenser surface.

Next, clean the dispenser water tip by using a small brush and vinegar to poke up in there, and wipe inside and outside.

For deeper cleaning, turn off the water and disconnect the water supply line. Pour a couple of cups of vinegar (unheated) into the line and let the vinegar flow through the system. Then flush with water.