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Hints from Heloise: Avoid slip-ups in the shower with flip-flops

DEAR HELOISE: I enjoyed your visit to our area years ago, and I love to read your hints. I wear rubber flip-flops in the shower. These safeguard against slipping both getting in and out. They’re great for seniors. I wear them and have added security. Falls in the bathroom can cause a lot of problems.

Peggy M., Woodway, Texas

DEAR PEGGY: This is a great no-slip hint for anyone – little ones, too. It was a special treat to speak at the Women’s Conference, held at Lone Star College. I learned, too. I shared the lessons I’ve learned in business, how my mother started this column and how to deal with work stress! What? What stress? Most important, I heard from the ladies about what they wanted to know and biz hints they had to pass on to others.

DEAR HELOISE: I have read your column for years, and have learned so much useful information from you and your readers. My question is: How do you dispose of kitchen knives?

I have a drawer full of old knives, some I’ve had since my single days. I’m not sure how to safely get rid of them.

Sylvia S., via email

DEAR SYLVIA: What a very good question indeed, and one that I don’t recall coming in before.

My first thought is, why not donate them to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or a similar organization, or give them to a charity or resale shop?

Scrap-metal companies may buy them. Don’t know how many knives you have.

Call your City Customer Service line (311), which should be the same number in every major city, and see what they offer.

Don’t just throw them away – there is always a way to “find” them a good home, or give them another life.

DEAR HELOISE: With the holidays, big families will be getting together. To keep from running out of turkey, especially with many children, I buy the biggest turkey I can find, then buy chicken drumsticks. That’s what children like best. I tried it last year, and it really went over big! The children loved them, and I was surprised that some of the adults liked them, too. Thank you!

Adelaide H., King George, Va.

DEAR HELOISE: Christmas cards are so pretty and colorful! I have fun cutting them and making my gift tags from the beautiful artwork. I save money by not having to buy gift tags, and everyone loves my homemade labels!

I cut them into fun shapes, and write the recipient’s name on the back. A dab of glue holds the tag on the package.

Sandy G. in New York

DEAR HELOISE: I found that using a leftover dryer sheet is great for cleaning your bathroom sink. It is “soapy” when it gets wet, and it smells good. I use a lot of things for other things!

Yvette K. in San Antonio

DEAR HELOISE: What is your opinion of using rolls of parchment paper to line the boxes that I will use to store and move old books? I've heard that it helps prevent moisture accumulation. Can you help?

Severn D., via email

DEAR SEVERN: Parchment paper does resist moisture, and is used in baking and cooking. Lining the entire box would have to be done to prevent moisture from seeping in. Or wrap each book.

The real key is to store them in an area that is dry (no basement or attic), cool and dark. Under a bed or in an extra closet is ideal. If the temperature and humidity are all right for you, they probably are perfect for stored books.

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