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Power strip a tip for tech-laden travelers

DEAR HELOISE: When my husband and I travel, at a minimum we take two cellphones, a tablet computer and an e-reader. One inconvenience is to find enough electrical outlets in hotel rooms to recharge all our “stuff.”

To solve this, we travel with a small power strip. So we don’t forget cords, I plug the charger cords into the power strip, wrap them around it, then put it into my luggage.

At our destination, we need only one electrical outlet for the power strip. Having the strip in plain sight is a reminder that our devices need to be charged. A benefit is no more left-behind charger cords!

Audrey W., via email

DEAR AUDREY: When my husband, David, and I travel together on business, it’s like a mini electronics store.

P.S.: Many desk lamps have electric outlets to plug in electronics, but be sure they work! Housekeeping or the front desk may have a power strip you can use.

DEAR HELOISE: We live in a small house and do not have a garage or storage shed to keep my tools and yard tools.

I use a plastic bucket with a handle, and I put shower-curtain hooks on the rim. I attach the tools I use the most on the hooks; the others go inside the bucket.

The bucket can be picked up to take to the project. If I’m in a hurry, I stash it in our coat closet. The whole family knows where the “tool bucket” is when needed.

M. Holeman, Rosebud, Texas

DEAR HELOISE: I dabble with different crafting and recipe ideas. I get patterns and recipes from many sources, including the Internet. To save them, I use a binder with tabs and a box of sheet protectors. Each tab is labeled by craft or recipes.

Now when I find a pattern or recipe that I like, including the free ones, I put it in a sheet protector and place it in my “special binder” behind the appropriate tab. I love this binder because it’s filled with my favorites.

Jayne C., via email

DEAR HELOISE: When I need to rinse just a few blueberries or strawberries, I use my coffee maker’s filter basket.

Kathy R. in Houston

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