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Hints From Heloise: In public restrooms, where to put a purse?

DEAR READERS: Today’s sound off is about garment hooks in public restrooms.

Letty, via email, wrote: “I don’t understand why some public restrooms don’t have garment hooks in the women’s restrooms. I refuse to put my purse on that nasty floor, and have become creative in figuring out what to do.

“One friend carries an ‘S’ hook in her purse and hooks her purse to the door latch. How much would it cost to attach a hook inside the restroom door?”

Letty, when is a door just a door? When it’s on a restroom stall! I may get in trouble here, but in days of old, most public restrooms were designed by men, who don’t carry purses or sit down as much as women do. Yes, I, too, can hang my purse around my neck, tuck it under one arm, balance it on the toilet-paper holder or place it on the back part of the toilet (if there is one), and I have even wedged it between the metal apparatus and the wall.

DEAR HELOISE: Before going on outings with our children, we review our special family safety hints. I let them choose a “secret password” that they will remember. If they get lost or we get separated and a person comes up claiming to know where I am, they ask for the secret password.

If the person doesn’t know it, I’ve told them they may not be safe, and it’s OK to run away quickly.

Tony M., via text

DEAR TONY: Your child’s safety is paramount, and in this case, it’s OK to disobey an adult.

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