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Hints from Heloise: Two tissue boxes in car: One new, one for refuse

DEAR HELOISE: My hint is tailored to the many cold and allergy sufferers. I keep two tissue boxes in my car console: one of ready-to-grab tissues, and next to it is the last empty tissue box. This one is used to stuff the used tissue in.

This makes for easy access for front- or back-seat passengers, as well as for the driver.

To swap them out, the used-up box becomes the new waste container, and the new one goes in its place.

Rosanne W., Springfield, Ill.

DEAR HELOISE: I make my own cards from original artwork. Keeping the work surface clean of the glue and mess is always a problem.

I had catalogs on my work table to throw away, and I started using a clean page for every glue application. Just turn to the next page for another clean work surface.

I am happy with this easy and no-expense solution.

Susan in Ventura

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