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Hints From Heloise: Wristband stains could be bad news

DEAR HELOISE: I received a fitness tracker for Christmas, but am already noticing dark stains on the rubber wristband. I’ve tried the recommended methods of removal, such as soap-free cleaner, water, scrubbing with a toothbrush, toothpaste and even an eraser. Any ideas?

Ciara D., via email

DEAR CIARA: Your question is about dark stains on the “rubber” synthetic wristband. If you have tried everything you mentioned, I’m not sure what the real answer is. Could it be the product itself? Most manufacturers recommend using rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or tissue to wipe off the band. This will not remove a stain. Some things that may stain a band are sunscreen, hand lotion, anything oily and sweat.

I’ll find an answer for you, even if you don’t like it. My guess? The material itself is stained/discolored, and you cannot remove a stain. Call the company and complain.

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