At the SPCA: Pluto needs a forever home

Pluto Sacramento SPCA

Pluto is one handsome 5-year-old hound/retriever mix. It won’t be long for him to win you over. First, Pluto will pull on your heartstrings with his soft, shy eyes. You’ll of course fall for him and scratch behind his ears. Next, Pluto will engage you in a game of fetch, impressing you each time he brings back the ball. Playing fetch can tire you out! It will be easy for Pluto to convince you that he needs to leave with you so you can take him swimming – the perfect way to cool off. Then, after all of that fun, Pluto will curl up next to you and rest his gentle head on your thigh. A small thank you for giving him the best day of his life, the day he found his forever home. Pluto is the total package ... so what are you waiting for? Come to the Sacramento SPCA and give him the greatest gift, the gift of love.

Adoption fee: Since Pluto is over 5, his adoption fee is only $25 until the end of the month.