‘She did it!!!’ Kitten dangling from fence can walk again, thanks to Sacramento SPCA

Furiosa’s furious recovery is nearly complete.

The young kitten found hanging upside-down on a chain-link fence is now able to walk and play, according to Tuesday’s post on the Sacramento SPCA’s Facebook page.

“You guys...she did it!!!” the post reads. “When Furiosa came to us with severe injuries, we were prepared to amputate both of her rear legs if necessary. Her resilience blew us away, as she beat the odds and her serious injury began to heal, leaving only one leg paralyzed. ... She is now using the paralyzed leg well enough to walk, play and use the litter box without issue!”

Furiosa was brought to the SPCA on Jan. 16 after being found hanging upside-down for several days, Sarah Varanini, public relations and social media specialist with the Sacramento SPCA, told The Bee last month. The kitten couldn’t walk normally because one of her hind legs was severely injured with a deep laceration, and she rubbed raw and mangled her paws in attempts to escape.

In an update on Jan. 25, the kitten – which the SPCA named Furiosa (after a heroine in “Mad Max” with a robotic arm), or Furi for short – began bearing weight on one of her hind legs. Despite not showing much improvement on her other leg, SPCA officials said “we aren’t giving up yet!”

Tuesday’s update shows that patience in their patient has paid off.

“Furi has a little ways to go before going up for adoption, but we know this girl can do it,” Tuesday’s post reads.

If you’d like to donate toward the care of Furi or any other animal at the Sacramento SPCA, visit

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