Found 'police dog' was just Lisa, family pet on the lam

She was a family dog masquerading as a canine police officer.

Lisa the German shepherd, who arrived at the Sacramento city animal shelter on Sunday sporting a collar and tag identifying her as a member of a military police force, turns out to be not a working dog but a rambunctious pet and escape artist.

Her 15 minutes of fame began Sunday morning, when she arrived at the shelter as a stray found in the back yard of a home on Westlake Parkway. She was wearing a black velcro collar emblazoned with the word POLICE in yellow letters, and a tag that read "USAF K-9" along with a name, Lisa Greer.

Thinking that the dog's owner was a military police officer who would be eager to get her back, the shelter launched an investigation. The dog had no microchip embedded under her her skin, nor the ear tattoo that identifies military police dogs. Calls to military bases and leads turned into dead ends.

"There's something odd about this one," Knepp said Monday morning. "She seems a little skinny, and her toenails are super long. She could be retired, or maybe a bomb or drug dog."

Or maybe just a bad dog, which is what she was when she bolted out of her family's front door early Sunday.

It turns out that the "Lisa" on the dog's tag is the pup's name.

After Lisa's story became public Monday, her owner contacted the Sacramento Police Department, and police phoned the shelter.

That set up a very happy reunion.

"They were ecstatic to see each other," said Karen Dickinson, the shelter's customer service specialist.

It turns out that Lisa, whose family adopted her from a Yuba County shelter when she was a puppy, does have a link to the armed forces. Her owner's husband is a military police officer.

But Lisa herself?

"She's a family dog and apparently she loves the front door," Dickinson said.