Provisions: FixnZip makes outdoor adventures more fun


• FixnZip replacement zipper


Few things are more nettlesome for someone on an outdoor adventure than to have the zipper on your backpack or sleeping bag fail. (Once, I had my wetsuit zipper unravel; I’ll spare you the embarrassing details.) It’s nearly impossible to prevent zipper failure, but this new item will make it easier to repair. It’s like having a whole new zipper at the ready, with a convenient thumbscrew at the end of the slider plates. You can put the zipper fixer anywhere on the zipper line and it will do its magic. It’s reusable, too.


• USA Today’s best airport food

Sorry, Sacramentans. None of our Terminal B bistros made USA Today’s list of top airport terminal cuisine. Top honors went to an American grill in the Indianapolis airport called Harry and Izzys, featuring the “famous” St. Elmo shrimp cocktails (presumably not named after the “Sesame Street” character). The second-best dining establishment was Tortas Frontera, the creation of celeb chef Rick Bayless, in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Lines are said to be long at Tortas but, most likely, you’ll be stuck in O’Hare for hours anyway.


• Cyclist cramps during post-race interview

If you’re an endurance athlete, at some point you can relate to this poor mountain biker whose quadriceps muscle seizes after a long race and his body turns temporarily spastic. Even though I’m empathetic, it’s still hilarious to watch.


• 10 trips you need to take in your 50s

The Huffington Post proclaims that “50 is the new 30,” so who are we to argue? Pack your bags for these hot (flash) spots:

1. Road trip from San Francisco to San Diego

2. Tour the exhibits at Art Basel Miami Beach

3. Portland, Ore.

4. Istanbul (“The Paris of the East”)

5. Ancient city of Petra in Jordan

6. A villa in Provence (France)

7. Marrakech, Morocco

8. Bar Harbor, Maine

9. Finger Lakes region, upstate New York

10. Kona, Hawaii


From Kathryn Stockett (@kathrynstockett): “Dear Delta Airlines, I know we’ve been through some hard times together but is this really my conf number?” (Note: Her confirmation number read: GONER5)

— Compiled by Sam McManis/