Provisions: How to enhance your travel experience


Chocolate bars for a cause

Salazon organic dark chocolate bars; $4;

Here’s a sweet deal: Eat chocolate without the guilt, because a good chunk of the proceeds goes to helping maintain the Pacific Crest Trail. Another sweet thing: The bar is infused with organic turbinado cane sugar from Paraguay, making it less bitter than most dark chocolate confections. PCT employees, by the way, have been stopping hikers on the trail to give out free samples.


Traveler’s survey:

Wi-Fi over bathroom

Honeywell Aerospace polled American travelers, asking how important Wi-Fi access is on airplanes. Answer: Darn important. According to the survey, 54 percent of passengers “wouldn’t be able to go five hours without Wi-Fi access.” Speaking of “going,” the survey also showed that 13 percent of passengers would refrain from going to the bathroom for an entire flight if it meant they had Wi-Fi access. People, ever heard of unplugging?


Woman serenades a bear to sleep with a flute

Don’t try this if you encounter a bear on the trail — even if you have a flute handy.


10 Airport Foods

You Should Never Eat visited some of the fast-food outlets at airport terminals and came up with a list of foods that will be terminal for you:

1. Crispy Green Beans, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro (895 calories, without sauce)

2. Caramel Pecanbon, Cinnabon (1,080 calories)

3. Chow mein, Panda Express (1,060 mg of sodium)

4. Large Dr Pepper, McDonald’s (90 mg of sodium; 70 mg of sugar)

5. Sugar-free drinks, Starbucks (uses the artificial sweetener sucralose)

6. Double Chocolate Chunk Muffin, Au Bon Pain (580 calories, 220 from fat)

7. Fettuccini Alfredo, Sbarro (2,940 calories; 4,160 mg of sodium)

8. Cheese Danish, Starbucks (16 grams of saturated fat)

9. Jersey Dog, Smashburger (1,650 mg of sodium)

10. Volcano Nachos, Taco Bell (990 calories; 59 grams of fat; 1,840 mg of sodium)


LeBron James (@KingJames):

“Beautiful dinner tonight on the yacht in St. Tropez. #GoodLife #Vacation”

— Compiled by Sam McManis